About VTS

Welcome To Vintage Tile Shop

It all began five years ago with a backsplash.

I was looking for something special for my kitchen renovation and knew just where to go. To my dad’s storage trailers he had filled – packed top to bottom – with building materials dating back to the 50s, when he began his own construction company in the Philadelphia area.

For over 40 years he collected a vast collection of architectural salvage and store close outs he purchased and packed away. I knew there was a tile stash in there from a tile store that closed its doors in 1978 in Camden NJ.

While searching in the back of one trailer, flashlight in hand, carefully walking over crazy things such as bronze doorways and wagon wheels, I ended up finding an incredible backsplash made in Japan, with its boxes marked 1966. The texture and colors of the tile reminded me of the beautiful ceramic dishes at my favorite Japanese restaurant.

From there Vintage Tile Shop was born. We have spent the last five years sorting and counting and boxing the tile, much of which was spread out through three different trailers, to bring them back into the world and breathe new life into your tile projects.

These tiles are original, truly stunning. Our commitment and enthusiasm for your project will match yours. We can’t wait to be a part of your tile project!

– Ingrid Juliano

Owner, Vintage Tile Shop