Vintage 1960s Mid-Century Modern Floor Tile, 10 Sq Ft Lot - 40 Piece Set, 54 Sq Ft Available


This glazed porcelain floor tile is green in color. When laid out it resembles a handkerchief or a scarf pattern. Each tile is 6” x 6”, 5/16” thick. Manufactured in Italy in the 1960s by Cerdisa.

10 square foot lot - 40 piece set. 54 square feet available.

Some of these tiles were glued to a display many, many years ago and you can see the glue residue in the photo of the back of the tile. It is not sticky. This in no way affects the tile in sight or in installation. Otherwise it is in excellent, unused condition.

I sell rare, original, vintage wall and floor tile from the 1940s - 1980s. Commonly known as deadstock, these tiles came out of a tile store that closed in the late 70s. My tile is unused and each piece has been inspected and is ready for use.